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We are in the final phase of supporting Line 3 protest defendants through their court cases in Minnesota. As of June 2023, there are only 48 open cases left, three of these being felony cases (and this number is always changing!). The Legal Defense Fund is in touch with attorneys and movement networks to keep up with the needs of these remaining defendants as some of them position themselves to take their cases to trial and others prepare to close out their cases. 


As the open cases move into their final stages, we’ve decided we have sufficient funds to support the remaining defendants. We will no longer be accepting new donations to the Fund. If you’ve signed up for a monthly recurring donation, we’ll be canceling your subscription. Thank you so much for all your support over this long fight!


If you’re looking for ways to continue to support the fight for Indigenous sovereignty, a livable climate and clean water, we have some suggestions of grassroots movements you can give money to below, but know this is by no means an exhaustive list.


We won’t be going anywhere, and we’ll continue to update on the Line 3 court cases and our remaining funds until every case has been resolved. 


With gratitude,


The Line 3 Legal Defense Fund Team

Some suggestions of movement work to support as of 6/20/23. We will continue to amend this list:


Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Atlanta Community Press Collective

East Phillips Urban Farm

Oil and Water Don't Mix 

Come Listen to the Water 

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