Request funds

We will acknowledge your request within 72 business hours of your request. Make sure to check your email!

We are enthusiastic and grateful to be able to support you all, and are open to feedback and suggestions.


Right now, we are funding requests related to people’s ongoing Line 3 criminal cases. So if you have incurred costs related to travel and lodging for an in-person hearing or fines and fees connected to your case*, please reach out for support. We are also open to fulfilling requests related to organizing around your case. 

Additionally, we do require that those requesting funds be a defendant or be someone directly supporting defendants. Due to high demand, currently we cannot fulfill requests over $1000 per person (unless it's a fee with a high price tag, or an expensive plane ticket, for example), and request that they be directly related to court appearances, fines, or defendant support.

You do NOT need to have already spent money to receive funding from us. This is not reimbursement only, nor do we require receipts. Filling out the form simply helps us track requests and our spending, and to know exactly what people need.

We do not currently limit the number of times one can apply for support, and currently are fulfilling most requests. We reserve the right to shift policies and will update our communications channels to reflect any changes. 

*If you have incurred higher fines and fees, including restitution costs, please do reach out, but we will have to consider our resources available at the time. We are always willing to support/boost individual fundraisers for larger sums of restitution and fines, and depending on our financial capacity and the number of requests coming in at a time, we may or may not be able to support you in the total amount for your fines and fees.